Monday, 23 November 2009

Anybody read chinese?

I happen to have a few things I bought in London China Town and intend to use them in my work, but... I haven't got the foggiest as to what they MEAN.

... Soo!
If anyone is able to read this, I'd really appreciate the help in translating it..


Because I am getting responses, I will post two more...! Thank you all for the help!


  1. They are simplified chinese characters, and it's not my forte (as I do traditional chinese characters), but I will try my best cos i have learnt it at school.

    First box:

    1st row = the symbols you can find in the chinese characters, and we don't really translate it into anything.
    (from left to right)
    2nd row='Ding' (you usually use that word with something else, like use it with 'garden' and it will become gardener), write, change/chemistry, practice, mouth
    3rd row= inch, learn, fur, hit, horse
    4th row= little, head, electric, river, five
    5th row= since, treasure, flower, beg, see/look

    2nd box:
    1st row= symbols you can find in the characters
    2nd row= two, ten, six, ??, again
    3rd row= three, down, master, human, fork
    4th row= work, middle/centre, spin, big, wood
    5th row= king, afternoon, heart, kilogram, literature

  2. also, if there's any chinese out there want to correct me, feel free! I'm not a simplified chinese-er

  3. Fantastic! I have another friend helping me over Facebook and yet another referring my request to a dude with a degree-thing in Chinese script.

    I posted two more from the same book... If you want, have a look at them :D

  4. HAHAHAHA! Omg the other two are actually sentences!!

    1st box:
    In the morning, I wake up facing the sun, making clear of the directions, in front it's east, behind west, left north and right south.

    2nd box:
    In the morning, the air is good, we woke up early, and we all went to do morning exercise. Training body is good.
    (random fact: primary schools in mainland China really do make kids do morning exercise before lessons start. i have witnessed it, it was very funny)

  5. Hey, I'm Jordan's friend, he asked me to take a look at this. Your first friend seems to have done a pretty good job translating, but let me fill in a few blanks and make a few corrections:

    First Box, 3rd row, second character is "zi" and is actually the character for "character." For example, hanzi 汉字 is the word for written Chinese, rizi 日字, is written Japanese. It's usually not associated with alphabets, however, so the English alphabet would not use this character.

    1st Box, forth row, second character is actually "mai" 买 and it means "to buy." The character for "head," tou 头, is very similar, but does not have the top radical.

    2nd Box, 2nd row, the other character is "Chang" and on it's own I believe it means "place" or "building," for example, gongchang 工厂 is the word for factory (i.e. work place).

    Other than that, all of the other character definitions and the translations look good!

  6. Oh wow! Thank you so much Jordans-Friend-Of-Awesome-Skills!


    Thank you as well, Pearl! And to my other friends who helped over Facebook :D

    I'm gonna see which I dare to cut and tear out to add to the artwork.

    Lots of love!

  7. Could you tell me where you bought them? (preferably the specific shop/area) I'm after something similar for a friend. They show brush strokes (theres an order the strokes go in) which is useful.

    Thank you :)

  8. El showed me the shop in china town. It's... in a basement. You're gonna have to ask her, because I can't remember..!