Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tribal Belly dancing!

After a failed attempt to go to my first belly dancing class (my friend didn't make it, and I'm too chicken to go on my own, so we're gonna do it next week instead),

I decided to watch some youtube videos of tribal belly dancing to make myself happy.

Check this out:

Rachel Brice

After seeing this... I just had to sketch.
I know she's got MONSTER hands. I really struggle with the way the hands move during belly dancing... O_o Something to learn...


  1. wow! that's fresh! good luck with the class!

  2. Thanks! Hope we can go in a few days or next week. I'm just too shy to go on my own. :P Need my friend with me.

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  4. Great drawing! I think the hands look amazing, really capture the movement of the hands in bellydance! I hope you keep up with lessons! It will pay off in the end :) I've been taking lessons for 5 years now, it's so much fun!

    If you are thinking about doing online, a friend of mine signed up for http://suhailaonlineclasses.com/ and she said they were really good. There is a free three day trial.

  5. wow thats awesome :)

  6. Amazing! And the hands are GREAT, they look like she's saying "Booyah! Watch what I'm about to do!"


  7. lovely sketch! I was wondering if you'd be willing to let me use it as a cover image for my poetry collection? email me at thesonginyourhead @ gmail . com if your interested.

  8. I have met Rachel Brice and have seen her dance many times, she is just amazing. You really captured her in your drawing. Great work!

    FYI I did not notice anything wrong with the hands.