Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Off on the road for a week!

I'm heading off to London and Cambridge tomorrow morning and will be gone until Tuesday. So it's gonna be a bit quiet here, but I hope to get back with lotsa sketches.

Also. I managed to finish the Steampunk short story. Hooray!


  1. Hope you have fun with Elllll :)

    What kind of talk are you guys going to in Cambridge?

  2. YARR.

    I'm at El's house now :D

    It was a conference called: Women In Comics.
    A whole day of talks by women comic book artists.

    It was AWESOME.


  3. I was checking to see if you'd updated.. then I read the comment by tessa chan.. and thought.. hmm that person looks an awful lot like my brother. OH WAIT! it is. oh my im tired.. clearly brain failing to function and resorting to procrastination. fail.