Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I haveth returneth to zeh land of Brizzle!

Here. Have some sketches! Some rubbish, some less so. They are in no particular order.
Very jumbled up.

Arrival in Cambridge. Rain. Period pains. Glorious...

CHICKENS. The people I stayed with had chickens in their back yard!

Melinda Gebbie. Artist of Lost Girls.

Random belly dancer. Painted in a Caffe Nero in London.

One of the speakers at the conference.


Sketching at a coffee shop. El is trying to work on her dissertation :D

Cambridge Zoological Museum. Drawn whilst having lovely period pains. So I didn't stay long.

Zoological Museum again.

Random doodles while having breakfast at The Soho Breakfast Club. :D

Doodles during conference. After my pencil HAD BEEN STOLEN. :(

Conference doodles. Including Paul Gravett's shoe!

Panel discussion. Wasn't able to finish it before it was tea-time though. So Woodrow Phoenix is not included. :(

Sketching people during the lunch break.


  1. har har har GARHHH!!! (in case you were missing the garhs.) I love your chickuuuuns as you know, also loving how you drew Paul Gravett's eyes. <3

  2. i love your drawings... especially the zoo stuff and of el!

  3. You know hear me doing the chicken/hen sounds.