Saturday, 19 September 2009

Old 24 hour Comics!

Alright. These comics are quiiiite old, but I don't think I've posted links to them before.

For those of you who wonder what a 24 hour comic is... I shall point you towards Wikipedia.
24 Hour Comics

The first one was done with Ellen, my lovely little buddy!
because I did everything in colour and with texture, I didn't quite make it to 24 pages... But here it is!

24 Hour Comic numbah 1!

... Yes. this means you literally spend 24 hours drawing. No sleep. Sooo. You go a bit nutty.

Aaand. The next one was done with Rich, my other lovely troll buddy!

24 Hour Comic numbah 2!

Am planning to do another one at some point. Don't chicken out El! Muwaha.

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