Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Final Year of University has STARTED.

This is the beginning of the END. Final year. Final chance! Time to go nuts.

Here's my studio space (keep in mind I've only been there two days, so I haven't started properly placing drawings and inspiration on the walls etc.

Got to borrow Rich's hat! :D

My space is on the left. Rich is my neighbour.

And this is the bearded-troll Rich! Dare I say it's my closest drawing buddy!? DARE I?

Hrm. Insider.

Here's the brief plan of what I want to accomplish. I have my first tutorial tomorrow morning, so everything might change after that. But here's my INITIAL plan!

3 Week Mandatory project: Steampunk Coffee shop!
Graphic Short Story project: Panic Attack.
Main project: Graphic Novel, Butterflies and Moths.

Will scan my doodles tomorrow!


  1. nice 'motivation' :D and a very lovely hat!

  2. Think I need a hat like Rich's.