Monday, 7 September 2009

BnM. What keeps Jen going? Inspiration Number 1. Music.

Here's some of the songs with lyrics I listen to while working on Butterflies and Moths. It's not that many since I generally tend to listen to music without lyrics to be able to focus completely on drawing. (Movie soundtracks, Game soundtracks etc)

A Perfect Circle - A Stranger

Zero 7 - Home

Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl <-- <3 <3

IAMX - Naked but Safe

Coldplay - Everything's not Lost

Our Lady Peace - Car Crash

And of course Youtube doesn't have my lovely Bjork - Hidden Place. They only have awful remixes. Not the original song. Bjork is very... Strange. Gets me in the mood though ;D Same with Sigur Ros and Mum.

Finally. Alright. This one -doesn't- have any lyrics. But it's one of my favourites.

Lamb - Angelica


  1. I love Zero 7, definitely one of my favorites. And I really love your art too, very clean and simple, but yet inventive and deep. Love it!

  2. Zero 7 is magnificent! I love most of their music! Like.. 'Distractions', 'waiting to die', 'somersault', 'in the waiting line' etc etc..!

    I think you're the first person who's ever said my work is clean :D I showed my watercolour palette and block-set to the local art shop once when I needed to buy a new colour. They cringed.

    I. Never. Clean. It.