Monday, 14 September 2009

BnM. Page rough.

Dead eyes are so difficult to draw.
In fact. EYES are difficult to draw!

Here's the rough of a page!
Will light box soon.

I am still frustrated with one of the earlier pages, so I'm just cracking on with these ones.

Can't wait to start painting this. I've got an idea in my head. Wanna see if I can get it out on paper.

But for some reason Bristol does not have Masking Tape! I've been into lots of stationary stores AND my local art shop. Nobody has masking tape! Disaster!


  1. Maybe for dead eyes have the pupil/iris without colour?

  2. I was thinking between something like that, or having the eyes sort of 'rolled back' if you know what I mean...

    Will have to try different approaches. :D

  3. How about excluding the pupil in all and just have blank eyes?

  4. If I manage to get some nice different testers of the face, I'll post them on the blog and people can butcher them. :D