Monday, 24 August 2009

BnM. Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 roughs.

Since I am allowed to post the process of the first few pages of the Graphic Novel 'Butterflies and Moths', I thought I'd post the roughs!

Still having issues with two of the panels here involving the scales. :P
Also pondering switching the view of the third panel. But we'll see.

Here I'm having most trouble with the shoes. And the hands.

And I need more reference photos of houses. Gonna get some!


  1. These are fantastic; you make it look so easy!

  2. Wheee! Thank you :D

    Off to Wales now, but bringing it with me, so hopefully I'll have some colour roughs when I come back!

  3. Uhmm.. may I add a little bit of critism on the first page? It kinda drags out in one perspective, doesn't make it look interesting.

    When she turns to look at the scales, why not do a bird's view/up in the corner of the cieling view of her, like not actually showing anything but the back of her head for the first couple of pages before showing her face?

  4. Hello!

    You may always give crits :D

    The idea with the first panel is to make it look quite empty and stale and stiff and quiet. So I thought that if I had the character at one end, and then absolutely nothing fascinating on the rest of the panel, it might deliver that feeling. But perhaps it has instead made it -too- dull?

    With the scales, I was asked to keep them in focus and have them closest to the 'camera' as it were.

    I'm still conflicted with Mr. Small Panel nr3. It just doesn't deliver the mood I want at all, so will probably have to think about it.

    Thanks very much for the crit!