Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Some more sketches!

Yarr! Tomorrow is last day of Uni. After that I am free like a butterfly.

Been sketching roleplaying events almost solidly. Really really enjoying it and getting more stuck in than I thought I would.

Practicing contrast by going black and white. Contrast is one of my foes!

Another enemy is foreshortening. And having things drop. VERY difficult. Learning lots from this though.

Still need to learn how to do environment shots too.
It's becoming quite a list.

Will be going back to colour soon. Itching to.


  1. Your Local Troll17 June 2009 at 10:20

    You could do with adding in some darker darks I think, a bit like what you did in the very last panel. It Gives it a lot more depth you see. Also you might want to get some soft edges in there. Areas that are not important can be softened up, therefore your eye is drawn to the sharper objects that are the main focus.

  2. You think 2B lead goes darker? Since the darkest stuff you see on the sketches are as dark as I could go...

    Thanks for crit. Gives more!

  3. Your Local Troll18 June 2009 at 11:42

    Yeah 2b goes pretty dark, or any b higher than that, 6b might be nice. Maybe as you are doing large(ish) images you could use a graphite stick because more graphite will cover the page, so you don't have to scribble for ten years. It's almost like painting :)

    You can give my pencil set a try if you like, see what tickles your fancy.

    Your Local Troll

  4. Troll, Mucho hugz0r. <3

    Thanks for the tips and see you when you come back to Brizzle! Keep updating your blog!