Friday, 26 June 2009

Expressions. The Shocking Truth is revealed!

So I was asked, how I do expressions.

Err. Well. I am not sure your pretty innocent eyes are ready for this, but I guess I might as well come clean.

I use a lot of my own face when I'm indoors. The Mac has a lovely application called Photobooth which instantly takes your picture. Whenever I need a reference photo for a difficult hand or arm.. Or an expression I haven't got the foggiest how to draw, I tend to use a photo. Here are some examples.



'Say whaaaaa?'

'YOU took my cake!'

'Now you must die! Like this! *slit*'


Slight actual worry.

Holy sheeet.

From here (including hand-to-face): Expressions.
I'm not even going to upload the ones where I stand in ridiculous positions or flail my arms around, trying to get a picture of the troublesome joints.

Also, I recommend taking pictures of friends, since the more variation in faces, the better. Still have pictures of YOU RICH *points* somewhere around, making loads of expressions.

(Right. Cramps should be gone now. Should be able to draw more.)